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Top VPS Web Hosting Reviews

More and more businesses are moving online and shared hosting simply is not robust enough for many companies serious about implementing a full-blown marketing strategy that leverages the power of the Internet. Cheap Linux and Windows based VPS hosting is readily available these days but cheap is all too often synonymous with poor quality. Below are some VPS recommendations that will ensure the slice you buy is from a web hosting service that can meet your needs.

The Top VPS Serivices

Rackspace hosting – The big boys in open cloud computing.

Rackspace hostingRackspace has grown into one of the largest providers since its inception in 1989. Rackspace, now publicly traded NYSE: RAX, is the go to web host for many small and large corporations including Domino’s Pizza, Pep Boys, FujiFilm, Oakley and many more. For a flexible hybrid cloud platform built on OpenStack paired with Fanatical Support check out Rackspace hosting.  Learn more about Rackspace VPS hosting HERE


Interserver – Cloud virtual private servers from a host you can trust

Interserver Hosting serviceInterserver has been a web host provider since 1999 and knows how to take care of its customers. Having built their own data center from the ground up they own and handle every aspect of the hosting they provide. Individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on Interserver for quality hosting services at a very completive price. Click here to see our full review of Interserver.



Myhosting – a quality worldwide business VPS provider

Myhosting VPS providerMyhosting is a top rated VPS provider that has been in business since 1997. They have earned their 50,000 + customers by providing affordable hosting with 100% uptime guarantee and great 24 hour customer service. Headquartered in Canada, Myhosting is a definite world player with a customer base spread across over 170 countries. Expect quality a Virtual private server at a very competitive price.  Get our full review of MyHosting's services HERE


What makes a good VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting represents the future of web hosting. VPS platforms like OpenVZ, Xen, and KVM have revolutionized the hosting industry and created a solid alternative to purchasing dedicated servers. A single high-performance server can now be “sliced up” providing cheap VPS hosting with a choice of operating systems and allocation of several resources. A VPS is not for everyone, but it has some clear advantages over traditional dedicated servers or shared website hosting. A VPS offers a huge level of flexibility over shared website hosting without straining the budget of a small business or individual like renting a fully dedicated server might.

Windows VPS or Linux VPS hosting is the sweet spot for many when it comes to balancing web hosting needs and budgets. But just finding the least expensive VPS provider is not the answer. Often the cheapest VPS is oversold, leaving clients fighting for limited resources. The best VPS providers will provide quality service along with a low price. If you are searching for a virtual private server for the first time or if you made the mistake of renting from a less than reputable host, then please utilize the VPS hosting reviews here to help you find the best VPS provider that will meet you particular needs. You can learn more about all the different types of web hosting HERE.

Things to Consider When Purchasing

When buying anything it is always wise to seek advice. Here is a VPS buying guide to help those who are not sure what to consider when renting a VPS for the first time.

  • Is the virtual private server provided by a reliable & trustworthy host? It is easy to get into the VPS business these days. Anybody can rent a couple of dedicated servers, load up OpenVZ, then oversell the servers. Very often customers don’t know any better and end up buying an inferior product from a fly-by-night host to save a dollar. And often that is literally just one dollar.
  • Is there a guarantee on the uptime? When it comes to renting a VPS there is no reason not to expect a 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Location – consider where your customers or audience are and rent a VPS in that general area. So if your customers are in the US then renting a New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago VPS would make a lot more sense than renting one that is UK based. A VPS in Los Angeles or Chicago will give your customers a faster experience than one in Europe somewhere.
  • Customer support – Who wants to spend hours trying to figure out problems or waiting for help? Always rent a virtual private server from a provider that has a history of great service.
  • What speed does the server connection have (10/100/1000 Mbps) and what are the monthly transfer limits?
  • Backups – This is common sense but sometimes overlooked. Is there any plan to back up your data or are the servers protected against disk failure using Raid?
  • Are there any upgrade options?
  • What type of virtualization do you need? Virtualization is when a single physical server is running multiple unique client virtual machines (sometimes referred to as guest machines). Each of these virtual machines will be allocated specific resources such as disc space, memory (RAM) and CPU time. There are two primary ways by which virtualization is achieved:
    – Full Virtualization simulates a hardware environment providing the same experience is if renting an actual dedicated server. With full virtualization resources are not shared between the users. There is slightly more overhead to run a server with full virtualization but a lot more flexibility. VPS software that can provide full virtualization includes VMWare ESX, Xen, and KVM.
    – Operating system virtualization is when multiple operating systems are run as separate instances or containers on one sever. There is less overhead placed on the server for operating system visualization, but less flexibility. VPS software that utilizes operating system virtualization includes OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Free VPS, Chroot, and Linux VServer.This chart will help deciding which type of VPS virtualization best meets your needs.
OpenVZ KVM, Xen, VMware
Supports all operating systems NO (only supports Linux based) Yes
True isolation No Yes
Lowest server overhead Yes No
Disk resize Yes Partial (can only increase size)
Rebootless upgrades Yes No
Swap space (reduces out of memory errors) Not often supported Yes

There are many people and businesses that are not ready for a VPS web hosting account.  To help you we put together this guide on the different types of Web hosting.