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VPN with multiple simultaneous logins

Just as the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) have evolved from protecting businesses into personal protection, so to has their use spread across multiple platforms.  Gone are the days when a VPN was synonymous with big business computing and the requirement of only a single connection per user.  We now live in a world where the end user connects to the Internet in a verity of ways and platforms and wants to secure all those connections. Unfortunately when most people go shopping around for a VPN they don't often consider if the provider offers multiple concurrent VPN logins.  For most people using a service that allows for several VPN server logins makes good since.  Even if they do not use them all they can always share the extra connections with family, coworkers, or friends splitting the cost or just give them away free.  Below you will find some great VPN providers with multiple simultaneous connections.

Searching for a provider that allow more than one login

While comparing virtual private network providers people often just compare the price.  An often overlooked but for most an important aspect of a service is the number of simultaneous connections allowed per account.  The providers the only allow one and even the services that allow multiple often bury this information in the FAQs pages or in the terms of service information.

When researching for a personal VPN service

  • Always check the number of allowed simultaneous connections
  • Always check if connection can be used on multiple platforms (computer, tablet, phone, router, etc.)

Here are some of the top providers that have multiple logins per account.

VPN with multiple simultaneous loginsNumber one on price and the best all around VPN provider is Private Internet Access (PIA).  When you pay for a year at a time, at the time of  this post, you will pay $39.95 which translates to $3.33 a month!  This includes having five simultaneously connected devices.  Even when you pay just a month at a time it will only cost you $6.95 with the same five connections.  The only drawback that may not even be a draw back is the number of countries PIA gives you access to.  PIA has servers in around ten countries which is less coverage than manny providers, but it more than makes up for it my having over 1,600 servers spread across those ten countries.  This gives its users lots of options and bandwidth to choose from.  For those needing access to the US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, and the Netherlands (torrenting) PIA is a VPN you will definitely want to consider. You can read our review of Private Internet Access VPN here.

Capture of multiple connectionsThe number two and might be number one for some would have to be Torguard VPN.  At the time this article was written Torguard's Torrent VPN was $4.99 a month when you purchased their yearly Pro anonymous VPN service for $59.99 annually. That includes five devices connected simultaneously.  For those interested in access to more countries Torguard is the way to go.  They have serves in over 37 countries and allow p2p file sharing and torrents through specific servers. The only down side is they don't have near the quantity of servers available as does PIA.  Their serves are good though and can handle video streaming.  Like PIA you get unlimited bandwidth.  Having paid just monthly for their VPN services many times I can attest to their quality.  Torguard offers additional services that many customers will find of value like smart DNS, 60+ socks5 anonymous torrent Proxy servers across 6 countries, a nice selection of DD-WRT VPN routers for sale, encrypted email and more.  You can to read our review of Torguard VPN here.

Business VPN with  multiple connectionsNumber three is VyprVPN which is a great personal VPN service with very fast servers.  They are a little bit more pricey offering 2 and 3 simultaneous connection plans.  But they have a VPN service that small businesses will want to consider.  With VyprVPN for business employee access can be managed all in one place and each employee will have access to two simultaneous connections.  The plan provides a VPN connection for one computer and one mobile device for each employee on the plan. This gives a business an inexpensive and easy way to manage and provide multiple employees with the security and access of a VPN.  VyprVPN has NAT Firewall, no DNS logging through VyprDNS, and enables employees to safely access business tool like VOIP, Google Apps and Enterprise, etc. while visiting countries like China. Read our review of VyprVPN then please click here

Multiple devices protected through one VPN connection

multiple connections VPNAside from purchasing a VPN plan with multiple logins there is a way to have multiple computers and devices all sharing one VPN connection.   If you already have a plan with only one connection and are happy with it or are interested in allocating one of your allowed connection so it is shared by everything in your  home or office then set it up on your router.  Setting up your router so that it connects to a VPN server is a great way to not only have multiple devices on one connection but also enables devices like PS3s, Xboxes, some tablets, internet connected TVs, etc. that don't normally support a VPN connection.  So if you are living in a geographically restricted area and want to watch Netflix on multiple devices around the house,  connect your router to a Virtual Private Network.

Not all routers will work.  Some do support a VPN straight out of the box.  You can find them on eBay and Torguard VPN sells them as well.  Some routers can be made to support a VPN by flashing their firmware.  Not going to cover how to do that here, but to get you started search the Internet for “how to flash a router with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware”.

So whether you are going to share one account to gain multiple connections or want one VPN account with multiple simultaneous connections you have several options here.  Hopefully this will enable you to better and safely enjoy your Internet.  Thanks for visiting

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