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How Do I Unblock Hulu

Tired of seeing this?

Hulu blocking VPN IP addresses



It used to be any VPN service would unblock Hulu for you, but this is no longer the case.  Gone are the days of the happy VPN user enjoying their hometown TV shows streamed through Hulu while traveling abroad.  Hulu has taken on the task of trying to block VPN providers by their IP addresses.  Quite the task indeed, but they have been fairly successful at it.  This is very bad news for those international users who use a VPN service.  Hulu did not likely decide to do this on its own just to be spiteful.  This is most likely a decision made in response to pressure from the networks who's shows are not licensed out for intentional viewership.

Unblocking Hulu via VPN has been a prominent pastime.  So much so that the IP blocking news made its way onto a PC Magazine video discussion.  See the video below and shoot forward in the timeline to around 3:50.

So, how do I unblock Hulu

1. Virtual Private Network

If you watched the video above you probably already have a good idea of how to unblock Hulu.  The short answer is to get a VPN service with a dedicated IP address.  One that belongs only to you.  This is the most effective way that lets you retain the security benefits of having a VPN. TorGuard has dedicated IPs available and you can signup for their service by clicking here.  If you already have a subscription you can easily add on a dedicated IP.  Reserving a dedicated IP used only by you makes it very unlikely that you will be blocked.  IPs that are not shared will be less likely to draw the attention of Hulu.

If you already have a VPN service and you suddenly find yourself cut off, try contacting your customer service department first. Aside from having a dedicated IP on your VPN, some regular servers are still working and often the customer service knows where they are.  Plus contacting the service department helps your VPN service know their customers' concerns.  Many VPN providers are developing contingency plans, workarounds, even trying to work deals directly with Hulu.  They will be much more motivated to do so if they have the customer feedback to support such business decisions.  Click here to read our review of Torguard's services

2.  Smart DNS service

Outside of having a full blown VPN service with a dedicated IP, another way to gain access to Hulu is through Smart DNS.  A Smart DNS proxy server unblocks geographically restrictive websites like Hulu by intercepting the data needed by the website to verify a user's location.  So far DNS spoofing has been very effective and if your only desire is to unblock hulu you can purchase access to just a smart DNS server.  Most VPN providers who maintain their own DNS servers only allow access to them in conjunction with their virtual private network.  But Torguard sells access to their Smart DNS as a seperate less expensive service.  This is a good option for those who are only concerned with unblocking websites.  Click here to see their rates and products.

Just be aware that utilizing smart DNS is not the same as a VPN.  You are not encrypted and not protected when connecting over a public WiFi and there is no protection when using P2P to download.  If you do decide to go the Smart DNS route it is extremely important to only use a trusted DNS server.  Connecting to a DNS server with bad intentions can route you to websites setup specifically to steal your passwords and personal information and it would be very hard for most people to notice. For more on information please click here

3.  Get your TV somewhere else

One of the reasons Hulu can be pressured to block viewers is because they don't create the programs that they stream.  When you log in next time scroll down to the section that is titled “POPULAR NETWORKS” and you will see who has the power to pull their strings.  Many of these networks stream their shows from their own websites as well.  So if you find Hulu blocking you, use a VPN server and go out to the networks themselves.  Many of the same show can be found elsewhere on the Internet and will be unblocked with a VPN.

4. Torrent your TV

You will have to do a little research as we are not going to spell it out for you here, but most TV shows can be found using torrent software.  Torrenting is peer to peer file sharing (P2P).  Almost all TV shows and movies end up on the Internet and are shared all over the world using various types of torrent software.  Obviously there are legal concerns here so you will have to educate yourself about torrents and decide if this is the way you want to get your TV.  If you do decide to use torrent software you will definitely want to use a VPN service to protect yourself.  As popular as torrenting may be even its legal use is often perceived in a bad light.  A simple VPN connection can save you a lot of unwanted and unnecessary hassle.  click here to go the VPN reviews page.


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