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VyprVPN – Review of Services and Features

Vyprvpn ReviewVyprVPN is not just a great personal service but also a great small business VPN service. Businesses that need top notch virtual private network security coupled with an easy way to managed employee accounts will appreciate VyprVPN for business. Their user management accounts give administrators the ability to add or remove users. Users can login to manage names and passwords for their individual accounts.

Each Vypr Business user account includes:

  • Access for two simulations connections, one computer and one mobile device
  • Unlimited connection, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited server switching
  • NAT Firewall protection
  • Apps for both PC and Mobile
  • Top VPN protocols including proprietary Chameleon
  • No logging DNS server owned by Vypr
  • Large network 700+ servers, 40+ countries, over 200,000 IP addresses

VyprVPN for business is a quality VPN service that small businesses can rely on.

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Promoting Internet Freedom

golden frog logoVyprVPN is the product of Golden Frog Inc. a company with its global headquarters located in Switzerland. Golden Frog was started by a couple who are native Texans with a long and extensive history dedicated to customer privacy and security over the Internet. Golden Frog is a clear advocate for a free and open Internet with fair access to Internet infrastructure. Another product of Golden Fog Inc. often pared with their VPN service is Dump Truck. Dump Truck provides secure encrypted online storage allowing users to safely store, sync and share all of their files with access to them anywhere and from any device. VyprVPN and Dump Truck with 700+ servers in 40+ countries have proven to be great products for both small businesses and individuals as Golden Frog has a customer base in 195+ countries.

Fastest VPN Speeds and Highest Privacy Available

vyprvpn appUnlike most other VPN providers, Golden Frog writes 100% of its VPN server software, manages its own network, and owns the hardware including DNS. Internet users typically rely on local Internet service (ISP) providers for DNS which translates names like into an IP address made up of numbers. Unfortunately ISPs are well known for logging, censoring, and throttling web traffic. With VyprDNS users bypass the local DNS server and use Vypr’s with no filtering or logging. Dynamic Server Switching is also incorporated into their service to prevent overloaded or unavailable servers. All these features combine enabling Vypr to provide some of the fastest VPN Speeds and highest privacy available.

You get what you pay for

No, VyprVPN is not the cheapest service out there. You can find cheaper VPN services. But, small businesses are not always shopping for the lowest priced option available because that saying “you get what you pay for” is often true. When you factor in the entire product and the quality of service, saving a dollar on a lesser service just doesn’t make sense. Here are some more reasons small businesses and savvy individuals opt for VyprVPN.

VPN server clustering for speed and reliability

Instead of scrolling through a long list of servers and picking one to connect to users just select a location. VyprVPN uses server clustering. So when a user selects a location to connect to a server is dynamically selected based off of the best available server in that location. The VPN client software does all the work insuring clients do not have to worry about whether a server is overloaded, unavailable, supports their favorite protocol, or will kick them off forcing them to reconnect. Vypr owns and operates all their own VPN server clusters instead of relying on 3rd party hosting companies. This makes connecting to a VPN server easy, fast, and reliable.

Includes NAT Firewall Protection

NAT Firewall provides an additional security layer above a typical VPN connection. Hackers use programs that automatically and continuously scan the Internet trying to gain access through connections left open by many applications. Wi-Fi connections are more vulnerable. Wireless routers use Network Address Translation (NAT) to share an Internet connection between multiple devices on a network. Hacker bots find unprotected devices and exploit them for identity theft and spamming. NAT Firewall blocks these scans from reaching devices or computers when connect to the VPN.

Built Tough for High Demand Applications

VyprVPN for Business service provides an encrypted Internet connection to secure business data and communications, protect employees' identity and allow organizations to conduct business intelligence on a worldwide scale. Vypr’s no 3rd party approach to engineering, managing, and owning all their own VPN servers means that customers not only get secure, fast, and stable connections, but also ones that can handle high demand applications. An example would be how VIPAAR, a leading mobile video platform provider, teamed up with VyprVPN to help a medical device vendor in Italy access VIPAAR's cutting-edge mobile field service platform. The vendor's technicians now carry iPads, configured with VyprVPN, to connect to VIPAAR's real-time mobile video platform during maintenance of complex medical equipment.

VyprVPN serviceIf you are a small business in need of quality VPN service you can rely on VyprVPN for business a featured VPN in GIGAOM, PC Magazine, Lifehacker, and The New York Times. Sign up today and start protecting your business. Get unlimited data usage, unlimited server switching, 24×7 support all on one of the most private, secure, and reliable VPNs available.

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