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Torguard VPN Review

There are literally hundreds of VPN services available. Some good and some not so good, and they change all the time. How does a consumer find a VPN service provider that best meets their needs? That is where we come in and why we have Torguard VPN and proxy service on our website. Visitors to our site will notice that we don’t have a list to every virtual private network under the sun. Oh we could but that just causes confusion. Only the best VPN providers make it here and Torguard is one of those.

Why Torguard VPN is one of the best

Torguard has a few things going for it. Actually a whole lot of things but several of these things make it stand out above most of the other VPNs. Anyone that has watched Torguard over time will have noticed that it is a VPN provider that is growing, providing more than just a VPN while reaching out to meet customer’s needs.

  1. No log VPN, unlimited bandwidth, unmetered
  2. Works in China and other countries that censor
  3. Smart DNS to unblock streaming video sites
  4. Anonymous Torrent proxies
  5. Anonymous email service
  6. VPN router service
  7. 30 Days money back guarantee

No Logs of Traffic or Downloads

The only info TorGuard records are billing names and address. They state clearly on their website that they do not keep logs, period. TorGuard is based in the US and of course has to follow the law, but said that in the event of an official court order to hand over hard drives that they would be handing over basically blank hard drives with the exception of an operating system.

From their privacy policy the only information they collect that could be personally identifiable is from what users submit through the ordering process when filling out order forms. Of course there is nothing that prevents the user from filling the forms out with bogus information. And, yes you can pay anonymously for their VPN service. They do accept bitcoin as well as PayPal and other typical payment methods.

Works in the Toughest Countries

Traveling to China and need a China VPN? How about Egypt, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, or maybe a VPN for Iran? Many countries target and block most VPN providers. China is great at this and so much so that they have what has become known as “the great firewall of China”. Traveling to any country that blocks access to social and other websites can be very problematic to businessmen and other users. So if a China VPN is a must have then Torguard is your VPN.

Torguard is one of a few that can get past deep packet inspection (DPI) firewalls. China will scan small encrypted data packets that are sent over the Internet. They may not be able to read the encrypted data but they can tell if the data is headed out to a VPN provider and block it. So far Torguard’s VPN service has been able to bypass DPI. Torguard is calling it Stealth VPN or invisible VPN which they include with their VPN package. So if you need to bypass censorship anywhere in the world then checkout Stealth VPN at Torguard.

SmartDNS for Unblocking Geographically Restrictive Sites

Unblocking Hulu has become a problem for many users traveling abroad. Unlike other online TV services Hulu is taking a strong response to people accessing their website from a VPN by starting to block many VPN servers. Here is where Torguard shines. They have setup a smart DNS service designed for just such a scenario. Where other VPN services fail, Torguard is unblocking streaming video websites. With blazing fast gigabit servers, smartDNS works faster that VPN and has unmetered, unlimited bandwidth. IP masking is an instant easy setup on any web enabled device or operating system. Unblock sites like Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and more!

Options Available

TorGuard offers privacy solutions to meet almost every need. This is really great but can be confusing. Many customers may not be sure just what it is they need. Check out the basics below or go to their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Their most popular package is the anonymous torrent proxy. This is great for those users who only want to anonymize their torrent client traffic. Their torrent service is well-priced and a great option for anonymizing all torrent uploads, downloads and seeds. Their anonymizer service works on all popular torrent clients including utorrent, bittorrent, deluge, vuze and more. This includes unlimited anonymous bandwidth over 60+ socks5 Torrent Proxy IP's.
  • For the serious VPN user, they have a full privacy solution. This includes the torrent proxies, the VPN, smartDNS, complete access to all of their secure Virtual Private Network. This will ensure that all of a person’s traffic, torrents, email and anonymous web browsing are routed through their secure servers. They have an easy to use VPN software client with one click connect. They have 300+ servers in 30+ countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Switzerland and New Zealand. Their protocols include OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSH tunnels, SSTP and Stealth Mode designed for unlocking Internet TV.
  • SmartDNS plan is designed for unblocking web content and bypassing web blocks anywhere. Lighter and faster than a full VPN with easy setup, the smart DNS plan does not provide the encryption security of a full VPN but is less expensive and great for those who just want speed and access to websites that are blocked by location or block out other VPN traffic.
  • TorGuard also offers anonymous email services using OpenPGP encryption from any web browser. Anonymous email service enables the user to communicate in complete security with any other OpenPGP-compatible email user anywhere in the world. With OpenPGP encrytion you have the power to uniquely encrypt a message before it leaves your email client with no known cryptographic or computational method of breaking the encryption. Want to virtually reside in another country? Then your email should too.
  • They have a VPN router store where you can buy top of the line DDWRT Routers preconfigured for VPN access.

This is why we are so big on Torguard as a top VPN.  If you are still interested in looking at other services you can see our list of top VPN Services HERE.