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Liberty VPN Review

LibertyVPN has been providing virtual private network services since 2007 and is an attractive provider for people with specific needs. If you are searching for a VPN service because you are interested in P2P file sharing and torrenting then Liberty is not for you. If you are looking for a solid reliable service that gives you access from within countries that often block VPNs then you should consider Liberty VPN. Liberty’s VPN service also provides good protection when accessing the Internet from any public Wi-Fi connection.

Liberty VPN review

The network

LibertyVPN’s virtual private network is best suited for those who want simple to setup access across servers that are not used for copyright infringement, pirating, and other illegal activities. Liberty has servers located in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and the US.  Our tests (see video below) showed good to exceptional connections speed.  Theirs servers can be accessed without additional software and include PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN protocols.

Company headquarters

For those who want to purchase their VPN services from a company that is not headquartered in the US or UK you will be happy to note that Liberty VPN is based out of the Republic of the Marshall Islands an island country located in the northern Pacific Ocean.  The company also maintains support staff in both Europe and Central America.

Liberty VPN’s services

  • Works in countries that block other VPNs like: China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
  • Access to VPN servers: Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, and USA
  • Good for Wi-Fi hotspot security
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux
  • Unlimited bandwidth use
  • From anywhere gain access to blocked websites like: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Youtube
  • Gain access to blocked poker, casino, gambling sites
  • View UK, USA & Canadian TV channels online ABC, CTV, BBC iPlayer, FOX, NBC, etc
  • The have a 3-day money-back guarantee on all plans.  (ome restrictions)
  • ALL major credit cards are accepted

LibertyVPN’s website supports English, Estonian, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic languages.

Video of sign up, install, speed test

Please watch the video below if you would like to see the signup and quick install process.  We also conducted a speed test from Atlanta Georgia, US through their servers in the US, The Netherlands, and the UK.  Parts of the video were sped up to try and keep the video as short as possible.  It is clear that Liberty VPN servers can support anyone interested in streaming video or using services like skype, GoogleTalk, etc.

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LibertyVPN with over eight years of experience in providing network access.  Liberty maintains a satisfied client base of around 4,000 customers across a nice representation of 83 countries.

Signing up

Ordering VPN services through Liberty’s website is easy. The process is not instantaneous but quick. They accept all major credit cards. As a fraud preventative they do not currently accept anonymous payments.

Once we received the email confirming that our subscription was active with an attached file for quick connect, connecting was as simple as clicking the file, adding in the user password, and choosing a server to connect to. The experience was very easy and fast for a PPTP 128bit encrypted connection. For those who want to use OpenVPN you will have to use the OpenVPN client which is well supported and can be downloaded from here.

Monthly cost

Liberty does not have the least expensive plans nor do they provide the most services. But their customers like dealing with an experienced provider with access from countries that other VPNs fail to obtain. Liberty’s reliability and strong customer service enables them to sell their plans in the ranges of $8 – $15 per month. Like most VPN providers customers realize greater savings when they purchase access in larger quantities. They do provide a three day money back guarantee with a bandwidth limit. We recommend you purchase only one month and really test out their services. When you verify that they meet your needs then go for a longer commitment and gain the savings.  All of their plan include unlimited bandwidth use.

Customer support

Liberty VPN provides its customer with a FAQ, Set up instructions, and troubleshooting pages directly on its website. No login is needed. Support is also provided through a ticket system. Our limited dealings with support staff were fast and effective. Their VPN help pages were well organized and easy to navigate.

Terms of use

Here are some basic terms of use for LibertVPN. Visit their website for the most accurate and up to date information.

Liberty takes illegal activity very seriously. This is a plus for those who want the privacy that a VPN service provides but at the same time don’t like the illegal activity that they can enable.  They state on their website that they opposes any attempt to break any laws in any country. They will work in accordance with the laws of their home country and the countries in which their servers are located.

Countries not serviced

LibertyVPN will not sell to those located in the countries of Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Also, because of the high level of user fraud, Liberty will reject orders from those located in the countries of Nigeria and Vietnam.

Peer to Peer services

The sharing of pirated media is not allowed on the network. This includes the use of peer-2-peer (P2P) software such as torrent sharing software.

Bulk Emails

Users must request permission in advance in order to send bulk email over the VPN network. User will need to be able to verify that they have legitimate opt-in emails.

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