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Netflix got you down?

Is your Netflix slowHaving problems watching your favorite show on Netflix?  Does it take forever for your videos to start to play or are they buffering and pausing all the time?  It may not be a problem with Netflix at all.


Many internet service providers have started to throttle certain websites.

Throttling is akin to making that website walk chest high in water to cross the Internet stream to get to you.  You might ask “well why would a company that I am paying to provide me with Internet access basically block me from that access?”  Well it is all about the money.  See if your internet provider can charge a company like Netflix to allow their videos to go over their network faster then they make money from you in two ways.  You pay for internet access and Netflix pays to get their videos to you through that access which causes the cost of your Netflix subscription to go up. This also allows the Internet service providers to pick winners and losers.  So if Netflix is competing against a product that your Internet provider likes better or pays more ect. like say Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Charter or Verizon's video steaming services then it can throttle the competition.  This has the potential to be a real problem for new start-up companies and will stifle future innovation. Imagine if the first iPhone users had to pay an extra $50 over everyone else just to get their phone to connect.  Their might not be any iPhones.

So what is the fix for my Netflix?

Well there is a quick fix for keeping you internet service provider (ISP) from messing around with the internet that you paid for.  Get a VPN account.  VPN as in access to a virtual private Network.  They are great to have and provide several other nice benefits beside keeping your ISP out of your business.  A VPN connection will encrypt all the data in your computer before it leaves.  You can even encrypt your entire hose from your home router!  Your data then travels encrypted through your ISP to a VPN server where it is un-encrypted and then release out into the pure wild Internet.  Whether it is Netflix, Hulu, or any website you go to your ISP will have no idea what it is () that is traveling over its own network.

A little proof

Want some proof?  Here is a video posted on YouTube that a Verizon customer made after he realized his Netflix was connecting painfully slow.  When he connected through a VPN provider, in this case VyprVPN (to see more about VPNs check out our VPN Reviews page including Vypr HERE), he was streaming around 10 times faster over the same Verizon connection!

The other Benefits

Yes I said there are other great benefits to having a VPN connection.  There are many and you can go en-depth explaining them, but I'm not going to do that here.  You can read our website for more information, but here is a quick breakdown:

  • Public Wi-Fi protection
  • Unlock websites blocked by schools, work and even governments
  • Unlock website that are limited to connections only from specific countries
  • Surf anonymously
  • Safely use torrent software
  • Connect to the Internet from different locations in a country or different countries all together
  • See what mobile apps are available in other countries
  • Compare prices in other countries as though you are a local shopper
  • Stop ISP spying and throttling

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