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Mobile VPN – Make Your Smart Phone Smarter and Safer

Our modern mobile devices have evolved from the mere flip phones and pagers of yesteryears. With Android, iPhone, and Windows mobile our phones are now full-fledged computers that often handle important and private data. As the power of mobile devices has developed so too has the technology to exploit and data mine them. One important way to protect yourself is with a VPN service that will work with your mobile devices.

A virtual private network was traditionally used by big businesses to securely connect high-level computer networks together over the open Internet. Data on the connecting computer is encrypted before being sent out over the Internet to a VPN server where it is unencrypted. Returning data would also be encrypted by the VPN server before being passed back to the originating computer. The connection is secure from spying and data theft thus protecting the company’s interests.

Today mobile computing is extremely prevalent. Public hotspots are everywhere and growing in numbers exponentially. The Wireless Broadband Alliance estimates the growth of public Wi-Fi from 2011 to 2015 to be around 350%. With so many people sitting round restaurants and coffee shops connecting to the Internet this presents an awesome opportunity for some criminal activity. No one can tell if that guy sitting in the corner is surfing the web, checking his email, or downloading everyone else’s internet traffic moving over the Wi-Fi connection. Most of the data flowing over public hotspots is unencrypted and easily copied off by readily available and free sniffer software.

The public is becoming aware of the dangers of connecting over public Wi-Fi and arming themselves by purchasing personal VPN services for their laptops, but what about our other mobile devices? Because our mobile devices are computers connecting over Wi-Fi and are just a vulnerable the trend has spread to purchase service for mobile devices as well. Most VPN service providers now include phone or tables access with one of their packages or as an add-on feature.

Phone Client

A VPN client is the software installed on a computer that manages the connection. Mobile devices need a VPN client installed as well to work with most providers. Installation is easy and utilizes the same process as installing an app. Then add the login information provided by the provider and connect.  We know there are many different types of smartphones  these days but the two main types are Android devices and iPhones.  Since these are the most prevalent we did revies of the best service providers for Android devices and for iPhone and iPad.

Other Benefits of Having VPN Phone Access

The most important reason for getting VPN on a mobile device is for security and privacy. Having VPN server access for a mobile phone or tablet comes with other nice advantages as well. You can make your phone appear to be on the internet from different locations. You can also gain access to websites that are blocked for a variety of reasons.

Connect your Phone or Tablet to a Server in Another Country

With most VPN services you can choose which servers you want your mobile device to connect to. If that server is located in another country then to everyone on the Internet it appears that the phone’s IP address is in that same country. This can gain the mobile user some great benefits.

  • Download apps not available in your country. That’s correct. Not all apps are available in every country. With a VPN on your phone you can hop countries and gain access to more apps.
  • Watch videos not available in your country. Many websites will stream videos to only limited locations. With a mobile VPN installed on your phone you can make the website think you are in one of those authorized locations. VPN is especially great for expats or those who travel a lot and like to enjoy watching TV and movies on their tablets.
  • Shop from another countries perspective. Want to do some truly unique comparison shopping on your mobile device? Simply connect you tablet to a VPN server in another country and head on over to Amazon or any other online store that has different prices and products based off of geographical locations. Gives Mobile online shopping a whole new meaning. If Amazon tells you that you can’t order from them or that digital product you want is not available in your location simple choose a VPN server in the proper location.

Unblock Websites on your Mobile Device

When you connect your mobile device to a local Wi-Fi your access is controlled by whoever is providing the connection. Any college student who has tried to read their Facebook page on a school Wi-Fi when Facebook has been filtered out knows this first hand. When you have a VPN connection on your table or phone then the website traffic is encrypted between you and the VPN server. This keeps schools, work, even governments from blocking the websites you access. Whoever is monitoring the local hotspot only sees an encrypted connection not what data is traveling over the connection. So if your school or work is blocking websites from your phone or tablet you can gain access. Even if they are not being blocked and you just want a little privacy then mobile VPN is for you.

Looking for a VPN client for android or iphone? Then try out one of the great providers below.

vypr vpn for mobile   VyprVPN   Nice Apps, Fast connection, Unlimited Data Usage, NAT Firewall Included. Encrypt your Internet connection on your mobile device to protect your email, web browsing and data transfers. Easily switch between 40+ VyprVPN server locations worldwide with a single tap.  200,000 IP addresses on 700 servers across 40+ countries
 TorGuard for mobile   TorGuard VPN   Full access to OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP android VPN services. Unlimited Bandwidth/Speeds. Get 5 simultaneous connections for cellphones, tablet or computer for $9 monthly. Complete privacy – no logs kept
 private-internet-access-vpn-for mobile   Private Internet Access VPN   Best all around provider and great price. Encrypted WiFi, P2P and VoIP Support, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, 5 devices simultaneously, Multiple VPN Gateways, Unlimited Bandwidth, SOCKS5 Proxy Included.  No traffic logs


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