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Facebook page for VPNhawk

Well we just got our Facebook page up and running please like and share.  You can find the link here

We will be integrating it throughout our website soon.  Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out our VPN reviews page. Click here

On a side note, head on over to privateintenetaccess and find their blog page.  They have an interesting article titled Privacy Isn’t Just About Keeping Things To Yourself. In it they discuss how privacy is much more than just keeping secrets it is about having control of who gets to see what. Of course that is one of the problem with sending data over Wi-Fi that they help solve. They also reference a study that turns the notion that teenagers these days do not know much about privacy. The study shows that indeed a teenager is more likely to know more about online privacy than many adult Facebook users.

Privateinternetaccess is a great VPN provider and highly recommended. You can read our review and why we suggest your start your search for service with them.  Of course there are some other great services out there.  There are a few of the best on the reviews page with more to come.  Don't let someone steal your data buy virtual private network access today.

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