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Identity Theft Protection – Sold on Fear

While researching identity theft protection services I stumbled across several articles that were criticizing the industry for selling services on fear.  My knee jerk reaction was “that’s not right.  Don’t prey on my fears”.  Often these articles were selling me on the fact that I can, by myself, do a lot to protect my identity. … Continue Reading

Netflix got you down?

Having problems watching your favorite show on Netflix?  Does it take forever for your videos to start to play or are they buffering and pausing all the time?  It may not be a problem with Netflix at all.   Many internet service providers have started to throttle certain websites. Throttling is akin to making that… Continue Reading

How Do I Unblock Hulu

Tired of seeing this?     It used to be any VPN service would unblock Hulu for you, but this is no longer the case.  Gone are the days of the happy VPN user enjoying their hometown TV shows streamed through Hulu while traveling abroad.  Hulu has taken on the task of trying to block… Continue Reading

Unblock Netflix – Use a VPN

Netflix is a great way to watch streaming video over the Internet.  There are over 33 million subscribers in the US alone and over 50 million customers world wide.  Netflix is available to people located in the United States, Canada, parts of South America, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. … Continue Reading

IronSocket VPN Review

Anyone who has tracked the VPN industry for any length of time will have heard of “”.  Hide My Net decided their brand needed to be reworked and made major changes to how they marketed themselves in 2013.  This led to the creation of Iron Socket.  So though the name is new the company is… Continue Reading

Facebook page for VPNhawk

Well we just got our Facebook page up and running please like and share.  You can find the link here We will be integrating it throughout our website soon.  Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out our VPN reviews page. Click here On a side note, head on over to privateintenetaccess and… Continue Reading