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Best VPN Service for the United States

Renting access to a virtual private network (VPN) is all the rage these days. Between a growing public awareness that most of what you do on the Internet is anything but private and the fact that a public hotspot is also a hot opportunity for someone to easily sniff through everyone’s communications on the Wi-Fi connection the VPN business is booming. Protection and privacy while surfing the net is of course important but for those who want VPN access to the US or various places around the good old USA then having the best US VPN is paramount.

The Best US VPN serviceSo What Makes a Good VPN?

Well obviously that would be lots of virtual private network servers strategically located around the United States. Having VPN servers in different physical locations around the US, East coast, West coast, Midwest, etc. enables customers to connect to areas of the country that are closest to the physical location of the Internet assets they are trying to reach. This often helps keep speed issues to a minimum. For those wanting to overcome Geographical restrictions for conduct market research for a specific area being able to appear as though they are connected to a local US city is very important.

Not only having access to a server setup in multiple places around the US, but multiple servers in each location important as well. Multiple servers in each location provides redundancy, spreads the users over several servers there by creating greater access for all. If you are using a VPN to access California and so are 1000 other people, would rather share on servers with everyone or share 100 VPN servers. So the number of servers set up in one location can have a profound effect on the quality VPN service you receive.

Another aspect to consider is the band width that a US based VPN server has available. Gigabyte VPN connections throughout the US is the norm. When you have server servers in one location each with a gigabyte connection the bandwidth available to you really starts to add up. When you and multiple other customers use their VPN to stream video while overseas this is very important. So if you want to VPN into the East side of the United States say access a VPN in New Jersey, then 200 VPN servers each with a gigabyte connection means there is 200 gigabytes of bandwidth available. That kind of band width means you will have great VPN experience.

Finally price is an important aspect to consider as well. A quality US based VPN services will have a large customer base. This means that they spread the cost of their service over many people and charge a little less for their service while remaining profitable.

Leading U.S. VPN Service

There are several quality VPN services in the US. The US is a very competitive market which is a good thing for the consumer. If it was a monopoly or , God help us, there was only a government run VPN service, LOL, it would be costly, crappy, barley effective, and of course used to gather intelligence on its customers. This is anything but the case here in the United States which so far has not regulated VPNs to death. So making a call as the best US VPN service is a hard to make. With that in mind Private Internet Access VPN has all the qualities of the needed to be the Best VPN service available when connecting to the US.

PIA in the USA

Why Private Internet Access (PIA) is best for connecting to the USA
Number of Servers available in the US:

  • US VPN in the Midwest (Chicago): 70 servers
  • US VPN in the East (New Jersey): 236 servers
  • US VPN in Texas (Dallas): 84 servers
  • US VPN in the West (Arizona): 73 servers
  • US VPN in California (the Bay Area): 122 servers
  • US VPN in Seattle (Washington): 37 servers
  • US VPN in Florida (Tampa): 22 servers

That is a total of 644+ servers and each with gigabyte access! PIA is adding servers so there are likely higher numbers available. PIA VPN builds their VPN service using datacenter committed to privacy. They use centers with a minimum of a Teir-3 rated facilities, with Teir-1 bandwidth for primary routing, and at least three different providers.

So Private Interment Access VPN has the server locations and quantity well covered. The next major concern that most have is the cost. PIA is very affordable. At the time this article was posted their monthly plan was $6.95 or if you purchase a yearly plan the price dropped to only $3.33 per month.

Click here to go to the PIA website and check their current VPN prices and information

Other valuable aspects of PIA:

  • Customers can have five devices connected simultaneously
  • Unlimited bandwidth use
  • No traffic logging, pay anonymously
  • Easy setup using PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
  • P2P, torrent, and VoIP Support

PIA is also great for those who not only need VPN access to the US but also want to access other countries as well. Providing strong access to Canada (521 servers), the UK (113 servers), the Netherlands (231 servers) as well as several other countries is why we named Private Internet Access the best all-around VPB. If you are interested in more information on PIA or any of the other top VPN service you can see our reviews HERE.

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