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Best VPN Services for Canada

Canadian flagIf you are looking for a quality VPN service that supports Canada you have come to the right place. The internet has progressively emerged as a breeding ground of cyber criminals and spying agencies. When you choose not to have your personal, professional or financial data stolen or spied upon you MUST consider the security that a VPN service provides. A Canada VPN Service will enable you to securely conduct online transactions and safely connect to public WiFi hotspots. You will also be able to unblock location restricted websites like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer from inside of Canada as well as run torrent file sharing software safely.

The Best Canadian VPN services

When you think VPN servers located in Canada you have to think Private Internet Access.  As you can read from our review, here, we recognize them as one of the best all around VPN providers available.  They also have an extremely large collection of Canadian VPN servers.  Over 600 in Toronto alone!  Private Internet Access also has one of the best price per services provide packages available.  There are some providers that are cheaper and some that have more services, but you will be hard pressed to find a better all around package than what PIA has to offer.  So if Canada is your focus and you want quantity and quality at a very affordable price check out PIA's yearly deal.  You can't go wrong.  They also have multiple log-ins on one account!

Another great service to Canada is Torguard.  You can read our review of them by clicking here.  Our staff has been using TorguardVPN for quite some time and highly recommend their services.  They are slightly more expensive than some other VPN services yet competitive.  They do provide more services than most VPN providers to include a large collections of servers strategically located around the world. If you want access to Canada but also want a little more than what you can find with other VPNs then you should definitely check out Torguard.  Their Canadian VPN servers as of this writing will allow you to run torrent software, their servers are fast enough that you can game over them, and their service is topnotch.  To get the best deal purchase their yearly plan.  We purchased the monthly plan because we hop VPN services so much trying them out and have kept renewing monthly because we like them so much.

Best Business VPN for CanadaFinally another solid performer in the world of VPNs with access into Canada is VyperVPN.  You can read our review of them by clicking here. VyperVPN is not the cheapest deal around either but they are one of the fastest.  You also won't get as many Simultaneous Connections as you do with PIA or Torguard, but two will be plenty for most people.  Vyper does have some proprietary software, and interesting features that will definitely catch the eye of those in their niche VPN market.  They do offer a free trial and if you get hooked on their service (which is quite likely) the deal is sweetened with the addition of a liberal supply of online data storage included and provided by their parent company Golden Frog.  These guys also cater to small businesses that require a quality VPN experience for their traveling employees.

So there you go, three quality VPN services for Canada.  There are others out there and some that are pretty good.  You might even find one or two less expensive than PIA, but for the few cents that you will save don't bother even looking.  In the end you will be very happy with the quality services anyone of these three guys provide.  They are not some crappy start-ups renting servers out of someones basement.  Each one has a slightly different twist on the services that they provide, but all three of them are quality.  You can rest assured that you will have access to one of the best Canadian VPN servers there is.

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