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Welcome to VPN Hawk

Keeping your personal information private has become increasingly difficult. VPN Hawk was started to help a small group of friends and family keep themselves protected from online predators. It was so popular with our small sphere of influence that we branched out and started this website. As we do more and more reviews we will continue to update you with the latest information on all the best services to enhance your privacy. Our commitment to excellence has allowed this site to grow into an industry leader for privacy reviews.

This success also led us to look at other products to help people with their personal privacy and even business privacy needs. Currently we offer reviews in three different areas.

Private Internet Access VPN service

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private networks (VPNs) give you the ability to surf the web anonymously. They have become highly useful for a whole host of reasons and is where we, as a team, cut our teeth on doing reviews for privacy services. We now have a whole host of different kinds of reviews and you can see more about our VPN reviews HERE.

Rackspace VPS hosting

Virtual Private Servers

Small, medium, and large companies and individuals need web hosting to create a presence on the internet.  VPS hosting has risen as one of the most popular options for not only providing a web presence but also for keeping your interest protected from hackers.  We have seen a major shift in the web hosting industry toward these more secure types of servers.  See our top VPS web hosting services review HERE.

 Identity Guard ID theft protection

Credit Monitoring/Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft continues to rise and even if you are using a VPN for your personal needs and VPS for your business you can still get hit. For this reason you really should have some sort of credit monitoring on an ongoing basis. I am sure you have seen countless commercials but finding the best service should take more research than just a funny ad on your favorite television show. We put together our list of best credit monitoring services HERE.

At VPN Hawk we know firsthand all the possibilities that are out there for someone taking advantage of your information. This is why our review process is so extensive. To start with any company we actually go out and purchase the service. We take those services through at least 10 different trials to make sure they can live up to the claims that they make. We then talk to other industry professionals and get their opinions on the different services without letting them know any of our private results. We then compile that information and see who rises to the top. Only after we have done all of this do we make a recommendation for you. This means that while other sites are only focused on the companies that pay them the highest commission we actually make recommendations based off of merit.

We have this passionate approach because we know the pain, hassle, and financial strain that can be caused by identity theft. So while we cut our teeth doing reviews for VPN services we took that knowledge and perfected a system that allows us to look at identity protection and business protection in a useful and unique way.

We are here to serve the readers of VPN Hawk. This means we are interested in researching the online privacy topics that you want to read about. So if you are considering a VPN that is not listed in our rankings or if you have a question about credit monitoring then make sure to contact us and our team of expert reviewers will take a hard look at what you want to hear. Your questions lead us to writer content that more people want.

We hope you find the information on our site useful and look forward to continuing to serve the broader population with the best reviews on internet privacy.